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weird <html> tag in the HtmlDrawable example

Hello, I noticed something a bit weird in the example htmlDrawable:

example from github

The </ html> tag is placed before the <body> I'm wondering if this comes from an error, from the widget used in the example or if it has a good reason to be that way.

I try to put the tag </ html> at the end, it works the same.

By the way when I debug my app with devTools, I see that a webView is open for each HtmlDrawable is this normal?

My HtmlDrawable are all the same but they show up way after my imagesDrawable Which are good practice for good performance with HtmlDrawable ?

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Hi Raphael,

thank you for reporting this, this seems to be an error in the sample code and we will fix it.

It is normal that there is a webView open for each HtmlDrawable. Improving the performance and behaviour of HtmlDrawables is on our Radar. Best practices for HtmlDrawables are to keep them rather simple without a lot of changes to the content and to keep the number of HtmlDrawables low.

Best Regards,


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