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ich habe volgendes Problem. ich habe im und auch in ein Bild mit eimem Button zu einem link augmentiert.


im habe ich dann das project exportiert als offline app,  hab mein licens key eingegeben die app hat gestartet, hat den Button angezeigt aber so offt ich hach auf ihn getippt habe wurde die seite nie geladen, als ob es nur ein Text war.

habe auch die Zeilen gelöscht wie beschrieben.
blos weiß ich nicht wo ich das einfügen soll.
final Intent arIntent = new Intent(this /* launching Activity */, SampleCamActivity.class); startActivity(arIntent);

in habe ich meine .wtc datei augmentiert mit dem gleichen Button. habe sie das runtergeladen und in das Beispiel 01_ImageTracking_1_ImageOnTarget eingefügt. habe dann auch den namen des bilder der wtc datei in die Zeile

var pageOne = new AR.ImageTrackable(this.tracker,"name",{

eingefügt. allerding wird der Butten nicht angezeit. und musste ihn dan als Bild wie im Beispiel anzeigen.

in der wikitude App wenn ich mich anmelde und in Entwicklung klicke funktionier alles genau wie es soll.

ich nutze AndroidStudio

ich bin neu in der Nutzung von wikitute und AndroidStudio also bitte geduldig mit mir sein :P

Hi Dimis,

I think that you are confusing a bit some of our tools. If you are using our Studio, then you can develop a project without having to add any code from your side. In order to see how the project that you created in Studio looks like you can use the Wikitude App.

When it come to Studio, we currently have two products. We have the old Studio, that we are about to discontinue in February, and we have also launched our new Studio Editor (that is part of the Target Manager). So I suggest that you use Studio Editor from now on since we will soon stop support for old Studio.

Regarding the Target Manager, you can use this tool only to create .wtc files. However, these files do not include any kind of augmentation. This is something that you need to include if you are working with any of our SDK products here. So, when you download the .wtc and you add this to our sample, you also need to include the augmentation. For more details please refer here.



I have a problem. I augmented a picture with a button to a link in and in



in I then exported the project as an offline app, got my licens key entered the app has started, has the button displayed but so often I typed hach ​​on it, the page was never loaded, as if it were only one Text was. 


I also deleted the lines as described.

I just do not know where to put it.

final Intent arIntent = new Intent(this /* launching Activity */, SampleCamActivity.class); startActivity(arIntent);


in I augmented my .wtc file with the same button. did you download that and put it into the example 01_ImageTracking_1_ImageOnTarget. then have the name of the pictures of the wtc file in the line


var pageOne = new AR.ImageTrackable(this.tracker,"name",{

inserted. However, the butt is not updated. and had to show him dan as picture as in the example.


in the wikitude app when I log in and in development click everything works just as it should. 


I use AndroidStudio 


I am new to using wikitute and AndroidStudio so please be patient with me: P


Since our forum is not in German, I kindly ask you to post your question in English so that our community will be able to review your forum post in case they have similar problems.

Thank you


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