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Problem with Wikitude SDK for EPSON moverio.


I'm trying to run example app in the last version of WT SDK for moverio (WikitudeSDK_Epson_7-1-0_2017-09-20_19-49-25) and when I open the project on Android Studio 3.0.1, I get this error and I can't advance from here:

Error:(28, 0) Cannot set the value of read-only property 'outputFile' for ApkVariantOutputImpl_Decorated{apkData=Main{type=MAIN, fullName=arm8Debug, filters=[]}} of type

<a href="openFile:/Users/Javi/Projects/WikitudeSDK_Epson_7-1-0_2017-09-20_19-49-25/Examples/SDKExamples/wikitude-sdk-samples/build.gradle">Open File</a>

I've tried a couple of things, but I don't get it running. Any idea?



Hi all,


A beta version of SDK 8 is now available for developers on the download page offering support for Android Studio 3.x and Gradle 3.





Hi Javier,

this is because you updated the android gradle plugin to 3.0+, with this outputFile was removed. The easiest way to fix this would be to remove the whole applicationVariants.all{} block from the app build.gradle. You can also fix it by using the outputFileName directly instead of outputFile.

Best Regards,


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