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Drawable On Marker Selected

Simply what i want to do is show an image after a marker is selected 

what i did is 

first defined image and its overlay on World


 var imgOne = new AR.ImageResource("assets/imageOne.png");
var overlayOne = new AR.ImageDrawable(imgOne, 1, {
			translate: {
				x: -0.15

   then onMarkerSelected(marker)  I created Geo Object 


new AR.GeoObject(marker.markerObject.locations, {
        drawables: {
            cam: World.overlayOne


when i run this nothing shows up on marker selected 

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Thanks, Alex and Eva 

it worked perfectly 

and many thanks for the fast response 

Hello Bayan,

Please go through our documentation to see all relevant information regarding how to work with GeoLocation method.



i have gone through the document before so many times. i tried other multiple solutions: 

  • Tried relative location with different parameters 
  • Checked image scale and increased it (i used the image on surfer example to be sure of the scale and also increased it to 10) 
  • Adding the GeoObject in onClick function of the Marker 
  • I also  passed markerLocation from Marker class to world so onMarkerSelected would look like 


	onMarkerSelected: function onMarkerSelectedFn(marker) {
		World.currentMarker = marker;
          var m = new AR.GeoObject(marker.markerLocation, {
                    drawables: {
                        cam: World.overlayOne

   and in all of the above, the result is that the marker animation runs as expected but there is no drawable shown anywhere insight  

Hi Bayan,

since you already have a GeoObject for the marker you want to select I would suggest that you add the drawable you want to display when the marker is selected to that GeoObject with GeoObject.drawables.addCamDrawable.

Best Regards,


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