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Initial Grid not in perspective view on android

We were trying out Instant tracking even though the the camera  view in unity is selected as perspective however the  same in android device(moto G5 plus - android-7) , the grid is tampered please have a look at the screenshot and help us to make it work.


It seems that gyro is not working properly. Do you have any errors in the Android console? Is it possible to test on a different device as well?

Thank you,


Hi Eva,

As you can see from the screenshot that the grid lines after starting the app in my android are not in a perspective mode as shown in one of the tutorial videos that I used to try Instant Tracking(screenshot attached) , I believe the grid lines should be initially before Initialization should be at an angle to the screen like in the attached screenshot of the example.  Please let me know what can be done to solve this issue.

Hello Koustav,

I am afraid that I do not exactly understand your issue. Do you wish to have the view of your app to a specific orientation, landscape or portrait?



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