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ffmpeg v3.4 for windows and missing convert.bat file.

According to the Wikitude documentation for converting videos with transparent alpha channel into a format suitable for Wikitude, I can run the ffmpeg ( for windows ) convert.bat file on the mpeg4 and this should convert it to a suitable format.

 I have downloaded ffmpeg ( version 3.4 ) but there is no file called convert.bat in the tools directory. There is a version for windows ( v3.4 win64 static ) that contains 3 files in a bin directory ( ffmpeg ffplay and ffprobe ). 

The following page ....

says I need to open a command line prompt, and change to the tools directory and run convert.bat.

I can't find this file in the ffmpeg windows version 3.4

How can I use ffmpeg v3.4 to achieve this transparent background video effect for Wikitude?

( p.s. I tried to find a convert.bat file in the Wikitude Xamarin SDK tools directory but there is no such tools directory in the Wikitude Xamarin SDK and no file called convert.bat that I can use with ffmpeg )

Good morning,

I believe you are correct, the script is not included in the Xamarin component. It is, however, included in the regular JavaScript package which can be downloaded here.

- Daniel

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