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How To Get real world distance and real world size?

1. How to get the real world distance from the object being photographed
2. How to get the real world size of the object being photographed

Hello Gui,

If you are using Object Recognition then this is not possible.



How is it possible to get the real world size of 3D object in wikitude?

Hi Hui Kei Loke,

Could you please explain your use case in details?



Hi Eva,

I am trying to develop an android app on teaching mathematics using Augmented Reality. By having this app, the user can use the AR camera to point to a real 3D object and the object dimension (eg width, height and length) will be shown by using AR. So, in order to do that, I should capture a video on the 3D object and create a .wto file. From the wto file, is it possible for me to get the object dimensions? 


if you only had the object you aim to recognize with a single set of predefined dimensions, you could change the map in a way that the length of your object corresponds to 1 virtual unit and maybe do some stuff with that. But that would make your question obsolete since you would know this predefined size without having to ask in code.

So I'm assuming you do not know the size of the real object that will be scanned beforehand. In which case, I'm afraid, the answer is that that's currently not possible with our SDK.

The only way I see your use case working out is to know the dimensions of each individual object that is to be recognized in advance.

- Daniel

Hi Daniel, thanks for your reply. So you mean i still have to manually measure the dimension of individual object first, then I have to enter it to the program on my own? Or is that any alternative way that i could work on?

Good morning,

that's indeed what you would need to do. I'm afraid we simply do not provide the functionality you would need for a different solution.

- Daniel

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