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How does ObjectTracking samples work

Trying the ObjectTracking samples.

In top of screen it writes Scan Firetruck.

Should I be able to hover the firetruck viewed on my desktop monitor and then see the cones ?

So far nothings happens.

I have successfully tried the instance tracking samples SDK 7.1 version using newest samples from github.

Hello Karsten,

If you wish to test with our samples then please try and scan the firetruck provided here


Hi Eva

Sample works now with supplied image.



I'm trying to implement 06_ObjectTracking_1_BasicObjectTracking with JavaScript API  for Android but at the screen I can only see necesary any class or sensor?

Hi Henry,

Is this happening in the unchanged Wikitude SDK sample app? If so, please provide fruther details (e.g. logoutput, outcome from debugging check...). If the unchanged sample app is working fine, please have a close look at the sample app and compare it to your own app, to see the differences. Please also check the documentation to make sure that you have read and understood the concept and how Object Recognition is working.

Thx and greetings


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