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installing cordova plugin version 5.3.0 in Ionic

Hi, I have a licence for an older version of the plugin (5.3.0) and I'm trying to install it in my Ionic app like this

ionic cordova plugin add

but I'm getting this error like this revision doesn't exists, could you guys help me out? thank you in Advance:


ok, thanks for the answer, the thing is that I might need some extra help, how do I install the plugin? Is it just copy it to the plugins folder? because in general I would use the command line command and would be done with it

Hello Axel,

If you wish to use Ionic then you can download the Wikitude IONIC 2 Starter App as a third party plugin from here However, please note that Wikitude does not offer official support for Ionic so if you have any issues you need to reach out to the developer of this plugin.



Hi, I found out a way, you must do ionic cordova plugin add + (path to the sdk folder) but there's a catch. You must create a package.json file with at least these infos 


{ "name": "wikitude-cordova-extension",

"version": "5.3.0",

"license": "(MIT OR Apache-2.0)" }

I hope that can help anyone

Hi Axel,

Please download older versions of our SDK from here.



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