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troubleshooting with .fbx to .wt3


hi, exporting a 3d object from 3ds to .fbx it give me the following error: "Some materials in this scene may not be supported by certain applications and will import as standard gray materials instead. The following materials are affected: -03 - Default"
with a black imagine in studio encoder and black r.a. image in preview file as a result whitout any textures. what can I do?

Good morning Paolo,

3ds Max is telling you that your model/scene uses a material that cannot be represented in the FBX file format; therefore the export thereof cannot be performed. 

My guess is, that the FBX export will only accept the standard material and possibly only a subset of its features.

- Daniel

i've already try  with the standard material. asap i try again maybe with a new document without any material in library

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