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Samurai Example not working after building

Hi all

We downloaded your Samurai sample project and it worked. 

After uploading it to GitHub and building it with the sample is not working anymore.

The building was successful but afterwards when we installed the apk package on the phone and started the app everything appeared very small and the button to open the camera didn't work...

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Hi Daniel

My bad, it' looks like it's a project provided by PhoneGap.
When I create a project with PhoneGap Desktop with the option "Wikitude Augmented Reality" it creates a project for image recognition... This works fine but when I build the sample project (apk), the image rec. is not working anymore...
But because it's a PhoneGap project no further investigation from your side is needed...
Thank you



I'm not quite sure which sample you are referring to. Would you mind providing a link to this Samurai project? I'm not aware that we have such a thing.

- Daniel

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