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Unity 3D - License Key Missing

Hi All,

I'm getting a "License Key Missing" overlay message.

I've d

- Downloaded Wikitude SDK 7.1.0 for Unity

- Downloaded a trial license

- Created a Blank Unity 3D Project (5.6.0f3)

- Imported the Wikitude Unity Package

- Added the Instant Tracking - Instant Tracking Scene (part of the WikitudeUnityExample Sample Project - tried duplicating the scene and moving it).

- Copied the trial license key to the Wikitude License Key field in the WikitudeCamera Object (also tried the object prefab and creating a standalone object)

- Saved the Scene and Project and deployed it to a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards,

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I got EDU license and it is not working, i.e. "License Key Missing" . I have created a new project and the license was for another project but the package name is same. Do I miss something or may be the EDU license is not working.

Have you solved your problem?

 Hello Eid,

Have you followed the steps as described in the documentation section here

What is the error exactly that you get in the console log?



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Thanks, I got it.

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