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Unity 3D - License Key Missing

Hi All,

I'm getting a "License Key Missing" overlay message.

I've d

- Downloaded Wikitude SDK 7.1.0 for Unity

- Downloaded a trial license

- Created a Blank Unity 3D Project (5.6.0f3)

- Imported the Wikitude Unity Package

- Added the Instant Tracking - Instant Tracking Scene (part of the WikitudeUnityExample Sample Project - tried duplicating the scene and moving it).

- Copied the trial license key to the Wikitude License Key field in the WikitudeCamera Object (also tried the object prefab and creating a standalone object)

- Saved the Scene and Project and deployed it to a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards,

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Thanks, I got it.

 Hello Eid,

Have you followed the steps as described in the documentation section here

What is the error exactly that you get in the console log?



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I got EDU license and it is not working, i.e. "License Key Missing" . I have created a new project and the license was for another project but the package name is same. Do I miss something or may be the EDU license is not working.

Have you solved your problem?

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