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Tracking historical building


we are developing a mobile application that use augmented reality to reconstruct the history of a historical building.


The idea is that the tourist with his device point over the building and with the augmented reality see the historical reconstruction of the building. So we need to use 3D tracking of the actual building as a target, and than put parts of the reconstructed 3D object over.


The problem is how to create the .wto file of the target building with targetmanager. It works successfully with video of small object, but how to manage a building?


Thank you!


Best regards

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Hello Matteo,

The problem with your use case is that the augmentation needs to be placed in a very precise location. Trying to track a whole building is not something that we recommend doing with Object Recognition. What you could try however, is to choose a specific part of the building that is a good Object 'candidate' and track this part instead of the whole building. Nevertheless, another factor that can greatly influence your performance, is the fact that you will target outside. So that means that lighting conditions will change from your initial target and may influence the results.

What I would suggest you do is try to use Object Recognition but not for the whole building and test it to see if it is working. Here are some guidelines on how to choose and record an Object.

If you think that this is not working then you could also try our GeoLocation feature.



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