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Transparent video text - not translating color right

I have a relatively simple text animation created with After Effects that is intended to be displayed on a book when a key image is seen.  The text animates on the screen well enough, but there is some very odd issue with "color" in the text.  Attaching both the processed video and picture of what it looks like on the phone.  Looking for any advise on what limits I may be seeing, or if there is a setting I might be missing.

(2.63 MB)

Ok - so I figured out what the problem was and I'm going to post it for passing it forward.  During the handbrake process, the default setting wanted to "crop" the transparent edges out of the video produced, which messed with the file dimensions.  By forcing it to "not crop" the colors were properly displayed and worked correctly.

Hello Steven,

Thank you for keeping the post updated by posting your solution here and helping other forum users as well.

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