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Animation is not working on touch

Hello Sir,

We have used wikitude sdk in phonegap application to track our AR targets. One of the file is showing animation on touch and we are using wt3 file for that.

As per the guideline - we have used animation group and poly-surfaces to animate on touch. But its not working on touch using different poly-surfaces.

We tried with sample wt3 and its poly-surfaces and it working. Can you please check attached wt3 and provide solution which poly-surfaces we need to use.

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Good morning,

I'm not perfectly sure what you are asking, specifically. Would you like to run the model's animation when touching the screen?

If so, I attached the JavaScript code to do so. The file contains a minimally altered "3dModelOnTarget" target sample which loads the model file you sent and plays its animation when clicking anywhere on the screen. I ran this code and found it to be working.

It this what you were trying to achieve? Or did I misunderstand the question?

- Daniel

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