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AR Geolocation wikitude +ionic 3


I am new to wikitude and have tried to make a very basic example of ionic3 + wikitude (AR geolocation). I sorted with the code find here but I do not understand the structure of the plugin and the key line ...

If a dear person can give me a very basic example....


Hello Abdelkader El Maghri,

Could you please explain in more details what exactly your issue is? You could also refer to our documentation section regarding Cordova, as it is the same functionality pretty much. Finally, please note that Wikitude does not officially supports Ionic 3.


Hello Eva 

i start developing an app with ionic based in AR Geolocation and i found  wikitude very helpful but when i dont know where i can  integrated 

how can i install wiktude cordova plugin inside ionic 3 ?
is there support for recat-native?


As I stated above, we do not offer support for Ionic 2. You could however integrate our SDK with Ionic 2 by following this link here.



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