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can we use AR(POI Marker) in android without using gyroscope and magnetometer

hello , 

we are facing problem in AR(POI Marker)implementation in android . Is there any option that we can use AR(POI Marker) on devices that doesn't have gyroscope or magnetometer ?

Thanks You 

I’m developing an app that uses the Geofeature, but if a device does not have a compass I do something different (open a map with the user and the point position ). I have packaged the app, and uploaded it to google play but I can’t download it on devices that do not have compass . Is there any way to do this? How can I make it work an devices that don’t have this feature?
Hello Kedar,

In order to be able to use the GeoFeature, the minimum requirements a device should have are an accelerometer and a compass (magnetometer). Please check here the full list of device requirements based on the SDK feature you are using.



Hello Luis,

In order to make that work please edit the AndroidManifest.xml according to below code


        android:required="true" /> <---- set this to false



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