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Metadata inside JS Experience Export

Is it possible to get the metadata added inside Studio to be added to the project.js file created when exporting the project from the studio?

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You mean you would like to have a json-object stored in a variable which maps the target name to its metadata?

When clicking the export project option inside studio you receive a mail allowing you to download the project as a 'JS EXpereience'. 

Inside this project files downloaded you get a projects.js file which contains json describing the project including target names, position etc. Would it be possible to get the metadata added to targets inside the studio included in this file inside the properties key ( see screenshot attached). In my opinion this should be the default functionality.

Hi again!

Although the requested functionality is not in place yet, you can implement this on your own in a quite straightforward.

  1. Export the project, just the way you already did.
  2. Grab metaData per target by using the RESTful API for grabbing target information (Manager Token Required).
  3. Enhance the project.json from your exported studio project with the metadata from the API call.

We will consider your feature request internally but can't provide any release schedule at the moment.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

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