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POI Examples don't work Android JavaScript API

When testing the point of interest samples (all of them) of the SDKExamples App, i don't see any markers. 

What i have already tried:

- testing it outside

- changing the longitude and latitude for the markers to be nearer to my own position (even setting them the same as my position)

I can't seem to find an answer on this forum, and the only posts that tackle the same issue as mine were not answered really:

Thank you in advance,


Hello Alexander,

What i would suggest as a first step is to test our sample without modifying the code at all. So do not change the longitude and latitude either. Also, please make sure that you are testing with a phone that has a compass, gyroscope and accelerometer.  Let me know if testing the sample works for you and I will guide you to the next steps.


Hey Eva, 

Thanks for the fast reply. I just checked via code wether my device has compass, gyroscope and accelerometer. It turns out it doesn't have a gyroscope and a compass. 

Does POI only work with all of these sensors?

Best regards,


Hi Alex,

If you are working with GeoLocation features then you absolutely need an accelerometer and a compass. If your device also has a gyroscope then the performance is even more steady. Please check here in order to see which requirements you need for which features.



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