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What happened to "Publish in Wikitude"

I can't manage our wikitude channels anymore. The page only gives a "We are sorry but Wikitude does not support this tool anymore." message.
How can I manage our existing channels or add new ones?

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Hello Thomas,

We have already sent out emails to studio users notifying them about the news.

"Wikitude is terminating Wikitude Studio ( and replacing it by our newly developed Studio Editor.
Wikitude Studio and Studio projects will no longer be accessible nor available from 2018 onwards. Wikitude has extended this deadline to provide sufficient time for inactive Studio users to manually migrate projects to the new Studio Editor. If you wish to proceed with your augmented reality experiences you will need an SDK license to publish your projects in your own app.

Wikitude is committed to creating powerful tools that will keep allowing anyone to build ultimate AR experiences in just a few clicks."

If you have more questions then please reach out to


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