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Element in storyboard on the scanning screen

I have been experimenting with the SDK and I wonder if you can add some elements(images, buttons) on the scanning screen from the IOS + JS app, using Xcode, mainly using the Storyboard. So far, the element appeared in the storyboard but not in the app. And if this cannot be done, how can I add an element on the scanning screen to redirect me somewhere within the app. For the current app I started following the directions from and imported the file from the Git project from .

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Hello Laurentiu,

I would recommend using the sample app that is included in the SDK download package as a guide. I'm not an iOS UI expert by any means, but as far as I know we do have some elements defined via storyboard in there.

This repository seems to me to have had it's last update about three years ago. The sample app that is package with the SDK, however, is always updated to the latest state.

- Daniel

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