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Add marker in specific location for native java.

We have current android project in Java. And we need to implement one of the AR feature into our project which is possible using

Wikitude SDK (


Wikitude SDK have support in both for Android native and Javascript API. But we are facing issue that the particular feature (GEO AR (POINTS OF INTEREST)) is not available in Native Java.

We need to integrate functionality like When launching the AR portion of the app you will be passed a list of users to display in the app. for right now just display all users that have the app installed like attached Document

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I hope you understand situation and reply me asap.

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sorry for late reply,

Unfortunately, Geo AR is only available for our JS API. Please have a look at the related samples.
Please note that the accuracy of this highly depends on the implementation of your LocationProvider (check out platform location service for iOS/Android)

Best regards,


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