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3D Tracking problem


we are working for the first time with 3D tracking object of wikitude. 

We need to anchor a 3d model to a 2x2 meter object (that it will be on a table), with the possibility of approaching the object so as to see more detail of the 3D model without losing its anchorage. How would you advise us to proceed?

Thank you in advance,



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Good morning,

have you already created a wto file from your object and tried how well it tracks? Or is this a preliminary question?

As the quality of the tracking depends on several factors, I can only recommend to try and see how well it performs. My guess is that, depending how on how close you need to get, the tracking might be lost at some point. But, again, that highly depends on several factors

* objects with a feature rich surface will track better

* high performance devices will track better

* non-reflective surfaces will track better

* wto files created in a well lit environment will track better (make sure your input video covers all the areas you want to recognise and track)

- Daniel

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