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GeoObject on top of Google Map view


I am currently exploring to use Wikitude GeoObject with POIs. I would like to know is it possible to have GeoObject on top of a map view (e.g Google Map)?

If possible, how to do it and any sample I can refer to.

Thank you.

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This is a duplicate post from here The first forum post you have created has already been forwarded to a technical member. Please keep in mind that response times in the forum may vary according to the severity of a possible issue, time needed for investigation and checking.


 As it’s very hard for us to work efficiently if we have forum posts with the same content from the same person, I will close this topic and you will receive feedback from the first forum post you create. Also please note that creating different requests with the same content does not speed up the process, as each request has the same priority and will be worked on by our team once they are on the task to answer support requests.

Thanks for your understanding


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