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Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 - Freeze on closing AR


We are experiencing a strong issue with our app using Ionic 1 and the Cordova Wikitude Plugin. Differents issues are happening but all within the same place: when we close the AR view. The webview debbuger with Chrome doesn't log these issues so here is attached the logcat of one issue reproducible (logcat is raw, the same issue is logged multiple time in this file).

With this issue the camera and the UI are freezed (as well as the wikitude logger).

Have you already seen something similar ? Any ideas, wherer does it could come from ?

Wikitude Cordova version: 7.1.0

Thanks in advance

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Hello Esok,

Please note that Wikitude does not officially support Ionic. So I can advice you for two things. You can try and test your app without Ionic to see if you still have issues and if so, we can investigate them. Additionally, you mentioned that you are using Ionic 1 so, you could go to our Download page and download our 3rd party plugin Wikitude Ionic 2.



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