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Having a problem with Geo Location when display a object

I have a problem about geo location. please see attached video
I am using library wikitude javascript,project of iOS, and I test it on iPhone 6, and outside not inside

I display an object with geo location is 
GeoLocation(20.9755069529833, 105.839246548811)

I see that the object move when I move and it is not stationary, it like a relative location. I understand that geo location is fixed position, and it doesn't move with me
please let me know why and explain it

Hello Vu,

Could you please send us your complete AR experience (.html, .css, .js files, assets, target images) so we can test internally? Also, please report which SDK version you are testing with and if you are using Javascript, Native or any of our extensions.



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Thank you for your support!

I use SDK iOS Javascript version 7.1.0 for project iOS Swift
Please view file attached

I saw sample project about geo location as 

You set a geo location. it's "longitude":"-0.034","latitude":"0.001"

My geo location is (20.9755069529833, 105.839246548811)

I think your sdk can't process precisely with meter unit

please support me this problem.  I have not still received answer for 5 days yet

Hi Vu,

This seems to be a sensor accuracy problem that Wikitude can't compensate. You could log the accuracy value that is given in the onLocationChanged callback.

Best regards,


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