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Migrating .wtc files from SDK 5.3.1 to SDK 7.1

I'm migrating to the new SDK v7.1 from SDK v5.3.1.

I have set of .wtc files working properly with the SDK v5.3.1. Also in the StudioManager I still have all collections (projects) that were used to generate the set. Using the existing collections (projects) I have generated .wtc files for the new SDK v7.0 (selecting option in the dropdown in StudioManager).

But the problem is that with the newly generated .wtc files and new SDK v7.1 I hardly get any recognitions (the same problem persist if I use old .wtc files for v5.3 with new SDK v7.1)

Today I've found a link saying:

"To use the new format you need to re-create your target collection in the target manager and download the .wtc file under the Download 6.0 link. Put this .wtc file in your app and replace the previous one."

Does "to re-create your target collection in the target manager" mean that I must re-upload target images to the target manager?

Any other suggestions on what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Please have a look at the Targets Versioning here to see if the version of the .wtc file that you have been using with the SDK 5.3 is compatible with our latest SDK. Otherwise, you will need to create new target images that are compatible with the SDK version you are using.



Hi Eva, thanks for the response

I've checked the compatibility as you suggested. I even did more - uploaded the images to Wikitude Studio one more time and generated .wtc file for Wikitude SDK v 7.0, but still can't get any recognition.

Could it be that I missing something else? 


Could you please send your complete AR experience (.html, .css, .js files, assets, target images) so we can test internally? Also, please report the device you are testng with and if you are testing with Javascript, Native or any of our plugins.



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