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How to increase the number of targets in an object collection

Is it possible to increase the number of current targets in an object collection?

After adding 10 object target movies, we received an error "You have reached the maximum of allowed targets in the current target collection".

@Piyush, I havent tried this in Unity so not sure if it will work there. 

What I had to do in the JS-PhoneGap version is to have a 2D multi-object tracker look for fake name tags (which act like QR codes), which then triggers and load the correct 3D Object Trackers. To figure out when a user "wants" to look at a new 3D target, I just use a basic timeout in trackable.onObjectLoss. 

Here is the general steps:

  1. Initialize a 2D collectionResource
  2. Initialize a 3D collectionResource
  3. Create a 2D multi object tracker that scans for multiple images at a time - this scans for a fake name tag of objects (like a QR code, but nicer looking)
  4. When it recognizes a tag, load a corresponding 3D tracker and assets. Also pause the 2D tracker
  5. 3Dtracker onObjectLoss -> after 3000 ms destroy the 3D tracker and resume 2D tracking

This is not very sexy and kinda hacky, but I have gotten it to work for 5 objects spread out around the room. Also needed a poster that explained "Scan the tag to activate AR!"

You can probably change the 2D tracker to be bluetooth based or other physical cues. 

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The easiest way to do this in Unity is to add a second ObjectTrackable child GameObject to the ObjectTracker. For each ObjectTrackable, make sure that the Target Pattern contains the name of the target it is associated with and add the appropriate prefab in the Drawable field. 

So for ObjectTrackable 1 you would have the name of the object 1 target written in the Target Pattern as it was specified in the Target Manager and prefab 1 in the Drawable field. Same for ObjectTrackable 2.

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