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Using finger to draw shapes over AR that Anchor to that point

Hi, relatively new to this forum. Im looking to create a simple POC of being able to draw lines on the AR visor (basically as a simple paint brush functionality on the screen) with the finger then this will create the image overlay object and anchor that to the point where they are currently viewing. So after they finish drawing they can then move around and they will be able to see their scribble floating in the physical space. e.g. 

1. Start visor

2. User then circles a line around a bottle they see on the screen.

3. They can then move left and right of that bottle and the circle will stay fixed to it.

Just wondering if anyone can steer me in the right direction or tell me whether this is achievable. 


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Hi Matt,

if I understood the use case correctly, instant tracking is what you are looking for; it's also sometimes referred to as marker-less tracking.

With it you can initialise tracking without any predefined patterns to be within view. Instead, the environment is initialised on and subsequently tracked, providing you with a reference coordinate system to in which to draw things.

I would suggest downloading and running one of our sample applications and trying one of the instant tracking samples. Although these samples do not include any dynamic drawing functionality, I believe you will recognise that the mode of tracking can be adapted thereto.

Regarding the drawing functionality itself, I believe you would have to use our native SDK, as I don't think you could make the dynamically created augmentation work with the JavaScript SDK.

You can find the relevant documentation pages here (Android) and here (iOS). The download package including the sample app you may download here.

- Daniel

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