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Limit number of visible POI's in ViewPort (GEO AR)

We have a lot of overlapping POI's in the same generic area. The customer wants to limit the number of POI's visible PER VIEWPORT, not per total world.

Limiting the number of POI's described in is not what we are searching for.

We tried via lots of ways by custom implementations but all don't seem to work stable enough.

What are using now is:




But these have two problems: onEnterFieldOfVision and onExitFieldOfVision is only being called when the POI's middle is becoming invisible or visible, not one of it's drawables. So we can't correctly process visible POI's because our javascript doesn't know it's visible until it's already visible for 50%.

Is there a way to

1. Limit the number of POI visible on for the current viewport (not total number of POIS).

2. OR: make onEnterFieldOfVision and onExitFieldOfVision trigger once at least one pixel is visible of all the POI's drawables?

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1.) There is no way to limit the number of POIs visible in the viewport in the SDK itself.

2.) There is also no way to do get notified once a pixel is visible.

I also can't think of a workaround that would not cause some kind of flashing of the augmentation.

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