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3D model parts show up black on Iphone

Parts of my 3D model appear to have no texture, this is only on iphone, it works fine on android and i can see the colour, is this something to do with compatibility with iphones or could there be some textures missing from the model?


(1.19 MB)

I have both IPhone 6 and Iphone 5 in the office and have tried on both and and had the same problem 

Would you mind uploading your wtc file as well as an attachment here? I don't know what the correlation could be between the wtc file and the speed the animations are played with, but I'm running out of ideas on how to get this problem to appear.

Also, which iOS version is you iPhone 5 running?

- Daniel

the Iphone 5 is running version 10.3.3 
and the IPhone 6 is running 11.0.3

The Wtc file is attached, i also sent you the marker for this file in one of the earlier posts


Somewhat expectedly, the wtc file did not change anything.

May I ask you to download a fresh 7.1 SDK package and change the 07_3dModels_1_3dModelOnTarget sample to use your saucer model?

I attached code you can simply copy&paste into the sample. The animation will play upon clicking anywhere on the screen.

I used the lightontop.wt3.

- Daniel


Hi Daniel
Ive tried my model in the SDK examples app and it worked fine the animation didnt slow down at all, but still having the same problems in our own app

Hi Adam,

finally something to go on. This leads me to believe that the model and the rendering thereof are actually fine.

It could be a performance issue as the animation of the models is performed on the CPU. Is your application performing some CPU intensive computations while the animation is running by any chance?

Among the models in your application, is there a correlation between model size (vertex count) and whether the animation slows down or not? Specifically, do complex models tend to animate slowly while simple models tend to animate correctly?

- Daniel

Hello Adam,

Could you please provide with some further details on the issue:
  • Which version of the SDK are you using?
  • What device does this happen with (os Version and model)?
  • Could you also send us your .wt3 file so we can test it?



Wikitude 7.1 SDK
Tested on Iphone 6 Os Version 10.3.3

I have also attached the wt3 file 


Hi Daniel 
Ive tried 3 different models and its giving me the same problem, 
and i dont think it could be a problem with our app as it was running smoothly for a long time until just recently, 
also what could be causing the issue with the Egg which is occurring quite often now 

Good morning,

that is a question that I cannot answer without being able to reproduce and investigate the problem. Would it be possible for you to provide your app in a way that allows me to run and debug it?

- Daniel

HI can you confirm you are looking into the the above issue about the animation Speed, can you keep me updated with any progress,

can i have your email address so i can add you to our bitbucket repo  

Hello Adam,

I have tested with the 3D model you provided us and i can confirm you issue. Indeed, in Android the model appears with all its textures whereas in iOS there are black parts. We will do some further testings and report back to you.



Hi Adam,

I would prefer a direct download link. Would that be possible or is the size of the repository/project too unwieldy in size?

- Daniel

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