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disabling/enabling target from collection at runtime


I want to know ih tihis feature exist and if yes, how to manage it:

is there a way to enabling/disabling target from a wtc collection at runTime?

I have a set of 65 tagets, 5 for far recognition, 15 for middle distance recognition and 45 for very close recognition.

All targets recognize the same scene, the 5 far targets cut the scene in 5 targets, the 15 middle in 15 parts etc... far range cover the middle range, middle range cover the cloase range.

I put 3 in concurrent targets.

i put a range of min and max distance value in each target to allow Wikitude to recognize the targets, when the position of the camera is out of this range the gameObject of the targets are disabled and enabled when camera come back to the range.

the problem is when i track a very close target and walk away, i want to be able to track the middle targets and forget the close targets and also the same for far targets, all this to get more accurate tracking BUT, when i enabled/disabled targets gameObjects from distance (script in unity) , wikitude don't abble to track another one, like as the targets continue to be analyzed in wikitude.

The only 2 solutions i find at this time are

1 to create 3 collections, close/middle/far and load/unload them depending of the distance of camera => latence when i have to load the 45 close targets, and this load/unload event happend a lot of time.

2 to augment the concurrent target number but it shutdown the FPS and the accuracy..

It's not ideal...

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In Unity you can create multiple trackers, each with its own target collection resource. Only one tracker can be active at any point, so when you enable one of them, all the other are automatically disabled. The target collection resources are also loaded only once, so there shouldn't be a performance problem.

You can check the Multiple Trackers sample for an example of how this works.

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I understand well this, i already use multiple targets but,
No way to push out specific target from a collection at runtime?


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As already discussed some time ago, I also think that the ability to disable a target within a collection would be a nice addition to the SDK.

Yes i have read your thread but i haven't see a simple reply from wikitude, it's why i asked again.
I think we definitively can't do that...


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