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Track object in real time

I'm newone to wikitude. I need to track an object in real time without using target image. Forexample: If i focus on the room the room object shuold be trackable. i don't want this image as 3 dimension. My usecase is convert dollar to to local currency. For that i have to track the currency while user focus on it and process it. Please anyone assist me.


For your use case - recognizing a bill - you can work with image recogntiion. For this you'll need to add the bills you wish to recognize as image target.  The best way to start is to check out the sample app which comes with the SDK download package together with the respective documentation section. Focus on the image recognition samples.




Thanks you Nicola I think you didn't got my point. My usecase is i have to track an image in real time without using target image (WTC or WTO file). For example i need an augmented reality experience for google vision api. Currently what google vision api do means they capture the image and send it through api call and get back the response. What i'm trying to do means Insteadof capture the image When i focus on the currency that currency value will be automatically exchange into our local currency value. Thanks, Mohamed Ismail

We currently don't support the recognition of images/objects without the need to previously create .wtc or .wto files for reference.

So for your use case you'd need to create a .wtc file before in order to recognize the bills.

Thx and greetings



Thanks Nicola,


Let me know about SLAM technolgy.


For what purpose we go with SLAM technolgy?



Mohamed Ismail

Hello Mohamed,

Instant tracking is an algorithm that, contrary to those previously introduced in the Wikitude SDK, does not aim to recognize a predefined target and start the tracking procedure thereafter, but immediately start tracking in an arbitrary environment.

The best way to start is from our documentation here. You can also check out this article as a basic first tutorial with Instant Tracking. In addition, check out our blog for more tutorials and use case on Instant Tracking. Finally, you can go to our Showcases section to see app that have integrated Instant Tracking technology.


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