ARKit and ARCore – What’s next for Wikitude’s “all-in-one” SDK?


Cutting to the chase: ARKit and ARCore is what’s next. Wikitude spreads AR by supporting a wide range of development frameworks and making cross-platform development easy when building marker-based and markerless AR experiences.

The integration of ARKit and ARCore in the Wikitude SDK will bring Apple and Google’s markerless technology to developers around the world with optimal performance for the high-end devices mentioned earlier. For non-optimized devices, Wikitude’s Instant Tracking will jump in and provide the same markerless experiences for the remaining users.

For those interested in augmented reality experiences that go beyond ARKit and ARCore, Wikitude’s technology can deliver geo-location, marker-based AR, and object recognition, with ample device coverage (smartphones, smartglasses and tablets) and multiple platform deployment (iOS, Android).

Furthermore, JavaScript developers will have a massive reason to celebrate: integrating Apple and Google’s technology into their app using the Wikitude SDK. Cordova, Xamarin, Titanium and Unity will be equally covered. This means Wikitude will extend ARKit and ARCore from 2 development frameworks to 7, making augmented reality truly accessible for a wider development community.

The integration of ARKit and ARCore into the Wikitude SDK has already started. You can read the whole blog post here. Stay tuned for the official release on our blog.

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