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How to pass parameters from Titanium to AR World?


I am currently trying to develop an AR app using Appcelerator Titanium with Wikitude. I had tried the Wikitude samples program.

Now, I would to pass some parameters (e.g orientation angle, scale etc) from Titanium to Wikitude AR World, but I do not know how to do. I had read thru fews posts related but still can not figure out to do.


1. Is the above achievable using CallJavascript?

2. Do you have a simple Titanium and Wikitude sample code to achieve this.

Thank you in advance!

Thank you so much! I had figured out how to use 'callJavascript' after looking at the code snippets suggested by you.


Yes, 'callJavaScript' is enough. The "From Application Model" Geo sample does exactly that so you could have a look here. For the Titanium sample app the relevant code snippets are in 'Resources/ui/windows/LocationUpdater.js' and 'Resources/<iphone or android>/09_ObtainPoiData_1_FromApplicationModel/js/fromapplicationmodel.js'.


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