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Wikitude iOS SDK 7.1 example not build


I import SDK examples for wikitude version 7.1 iOS (javascriptAPI), but when I compile I get the following errors:

1. on '#import <WikitudeSDK/WikitudeSDK.h>' in  WTAugmentedRealityExperience.m :   Could not build module 'WikitudeSDK'  

2. on '@property (nonatomic, assign) UIScrollViewContentInsetAdjustmentBehavior webViewsScrollViewContentInsetAdjustmentBehavior API_AVAILABLE(ios(11.0));'  in WTArchitectStartupConfiguration.m:

 Unknown tipe name 'UIScrollViewContentInsetAdjustmentBehavior ' .

Also if I create a new project step by step I get the following errors:

1.  on  '#import <WikitudeSDK/WikitudeSDK.h>' in ViewController:

 Could not build module 'WikitudeSDK' 

2.  on '@property (nonatomic, assign) UIScrollViewContentInsetAdjustmentBehavior webViewsScrollViewContentInsetAdjustmentBehavior API_AVAILABLE(ios(11.0));' in 

WTArchitectStartupConfiguration.m :

Unknown tipe name 'UIScrollViewContentInsetAdjustmentBehavior '  

 I am using Xcode  8.3


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Hello Teresa,

Did you make sure to follow the exact steps described here ? If you still have issues then please, let me know.



I'm getting a very similar problem, have followed all the steps in the above link.

Good morning Teresa and Ryan,

the 7.1 release of the Wikitude SDK requires Xcode 9 to be used. The error message you are being presented informs about an API that is only available in the iOS 11 SDK.

- Daniel

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