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onWikitude error – "The URL can’t be shown"


We are having a persistent issue with our application which is the final stages of development before an alpha release. The issue has been documented on the cordova plugin github page:

Support through this channel has dropped off since we opened the topic, our means to solve the bug have not proved effective either. 

If anyone in the community can assist the help would be greatly appreciated at this point. 

Thank you

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as I could not reproduce this issue within our sample app, I can only suggest again what has been suggested in the GitHub thread.

For me to investigate this issue, I will need either a sample project that demonstrates the issue or exact steps to reproduce it. Furthermore, to remove React from the equation, reproducing the issue without it, as Andreas suggested, would be a good idea. We do not officially support React as guaranteeing interoperability with every JavaScript framework seems unfeasible, to say the least.

As soon as you have anything for me, I'd be happy to have a look.

- Daniel 

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