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Errors when trying to release app to app store


I have the following error when I try to submit my app to app store using xcode :


I already installed the script referenced in this thread :

I just removed the two files mentioned in the errors and I was able to to upload my app to the App Store (I did not try to release the app yet). 

What are these two files for ? Was it a good idea to remove them ? Will I have some problem if I release my app without these two files ?

Hi Amaury,

Am I right that you build for Cordova? If so, you need to open the Xcode project and follow the documentation here to remove simulator architectures at a point where it's ok. Adding the `Run Script Phase` described there will also remove these two files automatically.

In general it's ok if you delete those files from the .framework.

Best regards,


Hi Andreas,

The addition of these scripts in Xcode solved my problem thanks. 

I just followed the instructions regarding simulator architectures. Should I also add the script for bitcode as well (for a classic Cordova App) ?

IMHO, more detailed explanations on this topic should be presented within the Cordova section of the documentation. For instance, as an app developer using Cordova, I am not super familiar with Xcode, and I could not have understand how to add a "run script phase" without a resource like this :

Have a good day,


Hi Amaury,

Thx for the feedback!

You don't necessarily need to remove bitcode.

We will update our documentation to explain the overall process in more detail.

Best regards,


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