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No initialization on Unity sample scenes after build

I followed the instructions for importing the SDK and building from Unity and I used my trial key. When initializing and pressing a button to display a furniture object, nothing happens. I also referred to this tutorial where people seem to be having the same problem. Please advise.

Hello Andreea,

Are you trying to test on Unity Editor because you need to build it on your mobile device.



Hi Eva- As I mentioned, I am building from Unity (to a Samsung S8).

Hi Andreea,

From the title, I am assuming that you are testing with our Unity sample. Do you see any errors in the console log? Could you please send over a video demonstrating your issue? With which SDK versions are you testing with?



I'm using the Unity sample package I downloaded from the Wikitude website yesterday. I'm not sure what SDK version that has - I don't see any text file in the folder root. In the Wikitude Camera script, I pasted the trial key I got yesterday. There are no errors in the editor. I'm building the "Instant Tracking - Instant Tracking" scene. On the mobile, after I press Initialize, the buttons on the screen shot do nothing (see screen shots).

(1.56 MB)
(214 KB)


Can you please try to run the example project from the package directly? So instead of creating a new Unity project and importing the .unitypackage, simply open the project from /Examples/WikitudeUnityExample and build it without any modifications.

You can also check if there are any errors printed in the Android Monitor (in Android Studio).

Best regards,


Can you give us the full url for the Unity project? Not sure what you mean by "open the project from /Examples/WikitudeUnityExample " Thanks -

I realized you were referring to the folder inside the zip file. The Instant Tracking scene still produced no furniture models after pressing the buttons in the built. 

The Unity project was made in version 5.4. I opened it in 2017.1 which is probably the problem (it did build but there were some errors when I first opened the project). We start all our new projects in 2017.1. When do you estimate you'll have a 2017.1 package?




The latest release (7.1.0) should be compatible with 2017.1. You can check which version you are using by looking at the download package, where the version is embedded in the zip name. Alternatively, when building the example project on the device, in the menu selection, there is an Info button. When pressing that, an info panel will appear and under SDK INFORMATION, the version number is printed.

The project in the latest release is also made with 5.4, but it is still compatible with 2017.1. We have to release our projects with earlier versions to ensure backwards compatibility.

If you still have issues, please let us know.

Best regards,


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