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Instant Tracking and Compass Requirement

Your website lists Compass as an additional requirement for instant tracking for android.  Is there code I can use to turn off the requirement for compass for instant tracking in 6.0?  In my solution I am not using geo locations or POIs.  I am using the cordova plugin for my application.

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Hello Heather,

If you want to use Instant Tracking then you need to have a compass, so removing it is not an option otherwise this feature will not work. If you wish to work with Image or Object Recognition only (so no GeoLocation features or Instant Tracking) then you can remove the compass requirement as described above:
  • You simply need to remove any geo location reference from the StartupConfiguration.Feature class.  You have to use AR.hardware.sensors.enabled flag (more details). You should only set its value to false in 2D recognition scenarios, otherwise this will break your Geo-experience as all required sensors (compass, accelerometer, gps) are disabled/ignored. So what you need to do is include this line of code AR.hardware.sensors = false; in your javascript file.
  • In addition, you can remove "<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.sensor.compass" android:required="true" />" from the manifest.



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