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3d arrow model pointing the user towards directions of POI


I would like to have a 3d arrow at the bottom half of the mobile screen, which rotates as the user moves to show which direction they should be walking to reach the destination.

Is this possible with Wikitude iOS Javascript SDK? 

The first question is, how do you display a 3d object to remain always visible on a particular part of the screen. I do not want to use tracking as I do not need to track any targets for this. Would snapping the object to screen work?

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Good morning,

I believe you could make this work with the screen snapping feature, but I would recommend using the positionable feature instead. We provide the AR.Positionable object in the JavaScript SDK that allows setting the transformation of augmentations from within a plugin and thereby bypassing the tracking algorithms.

We do have a detailed sample on how to implement such a plugin here.

Don't be confused by it being a marker tracking sample. For your use case you can remove all the tracking code and simply set the transformation required. All you need, really, is a 4x4 transformation matrix.

- Daniel

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