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IL2CPP Android undefined reference

We're having an issue with enabling il2cpp. Wikitude appears to be trying to link to iOS functions

D:\p4\company\AppName\Project\Library\il2cpp_android_armeabi-v7a\il2cpp_cache\F75CA61A94600D23EE6F8894F6A38EBB.o: In function `iOSBridge_UnityWikitudeBridge_InstantiateWikitudeNativeSDK_m2397249553':

(16.1 KB)


Thank you for reporting this issue. We're working on a fix and hopefully it will be resolved with the next release.

Are you using il2cpp for performance reasons, or is there another issue that prevents you from using Mono?

Best regards,


Hi Alexandru,

Yeah we're using il2cpp for performance reasons. Thanks for the response.


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