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put a background to the image tracker

Hi all,

I'm very new to unity and wikitude so my question may be very stupid, but I really cannot figure it out and didn't find solution online. Thanks in advance!

Okay, I generate a wikitude image tracker. Base on the tracker some objects will be shown on the screen in the surrounding. Now I'd like to add a background, i.e., the background should be at the back and the image tracker should be in front of it. To do so, I follow some online tutorial and make a background using 3D Quad. 

When I put the background into the scene, I set the position value and make it at the back of the tracker and other objects, like the picture shows (background is in the orange frame, sky and sand. The image tracker is the pyramid+label with white background. The other pyramids and sphinx are digital objects which are also added in the surrounding):


However, when I run the APP on my mobile phone, the background comes to the front and totally occludes the image tracker. But the relative position between background and other digital contents are correct. 

I have no idea what the reason is and how I should adjust it to make it look at what I see in the unity scene. Any ideas? 

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Hello Jing,

You could place an image augmentation behind the physical image target you are tracking. You would need two augmentations, one acting as an occluder that matches the target perfectly. You can then place the image augmentation behind the occluder and it will look as if the physical image is hiding the augmentation. For more information regarding how to work with Occluders in Unity you can also refer to this article.



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