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Toggle between image and object tracking

We want to toggle between image tracking and object tracking within the same app in Unity. What’s the best approach in terms of setting up and resetting the object and image trackers?

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Hello Yetzer,

It is not possible to have Image and Object Tracking working at the same time since only one tracker can be active. If you enable a new tracker then we disable the current one in the background. One workaround for you would be to have two buttons to load these two experiences (architectWorlds) separately. So the user would have to select first whether we wished to recognize an image or an object and click on the corresponding button.

Another workaround would be to create a lot of image targets all around your 3D objects and switching to 3D recognition as soon one of these "special" 2D targets is recognized. These 2D targets, would be special as they would be only here to trigger 3D recognition. In this scenario, when 3D recognition will be active and nothing would be tracked for some time (~2s), you would switch back to 2D recognition. The issue with this solution is that if you create target images around the object very closely to each other it may be that the target images are having the exact same features which can cause issues with the image recognition. If you do this approach you would have to make sure to create the targets from different sides but even then we cannot guarantee that this is going to work.

Hope this information helps.


Hi Wikitude Team,

I would like to revisit this as we have the exact same issue. From a user UIX perspective, having to manually toggle image + object tracking is very weird. E.g. in a gallery with paintings and sculptures, it's not a seamless experience to have AR content across all exhibits.

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Hi Wikitude Team,

Is there any updates on this as Im having the same issue. Does not make sense from a usability perspective to have separate worlds for image and object tracking.

Hi Chris,

This is not included in the SDK yet. You'd need to e.g. follow Eva's suggestion still to have both as seperate experiences and switch between those.

We'll have this on our feature list but not on the immediate roadmap currently. 



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