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How to correctly apply lighting to wikitude 3D model


I created a 3D model in blender to display in Wikitude. However the the model won't display correctly. Only one side of the model is illuminated while the other side stays on dark. I want to illuminate the whole model.

The model displays correctly in Blender and FBX Review app as well. I tried most of the things suggested in this forum such as adding a point light source with ambient color. But nothing seems to work.

I'm fairly new to 3D modeling stuff and don't know much on it. Can you please guide me on how to light the scene correctly.

I attached the blender file and the exported fbx file here.


(45.8 KB)
(526 KB)

Hello Marko,

Maybe you could have a look at this documentation section regarding how to use Lighting. You can also have a look at this forum post. Let me know in case you need further assistance.



Thank you Eva.

I followed the provided documentation section to add an ambient light to a very simple scene with just one object. However it is not still recognized from Wikitude encoder. The object appears in encoder completely black without any lighting.

I really appreciate your help.

I attached the Blender file and the exported fbx file below If it helps.


(25.5 KB)

Hello Marko,

the option you are looking for can be found in Blender's scene settings. Simply go to scene settings (planet Earth icon), go down to the 'World' section and set the 'Ambient color of the world' color to your desired ambient light color using the color picker. This was set to black in the scene you sent.


The models were black in the FBX reviewer tool as well if you enable the light sources. When the light sources are disabled, a default light source is used of which the position in always at the camera origin. Thus the object will always be lit from your point of view.

Note that the Wikitude SDK only supports a single light source (point or directional) + the ambient light. Therefore you will always have one side being exposed to the light source. The other side you will have to brighten using the ambient term.

- Daniel

Thank you Daniel. That worked :)

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