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WTAuthorizationRequestManager and WTArchitectView issues in Wikitude Xamarin component for iOS


I encountered couple of issues.

First one is with WTAuthorizationRequestManager.RestrictedAppleiOSSDKAPIAuthorizationsForRequiredFeatures() method. It always returnes set with the same element (0) regardless of input arguments.

Second one is with WTArchitectView in provided example.

Completion handler passed to WTArchitectView's Start method gets called multiple times (around 500 before app closes) and because LoadArchitectWorldFromURL() method returns null, world is never loaded, LoadArchitectWorldFromURL() get called over and over. I managed to load the world with only one call to LoadArchitectWorldFromURL() disregarding it's return value.

Visual Studio Community 2017 for Mac Version 7.1

Xamarin.iOS Version:

Augmented Reality Wikitude SDK 7.0.0. component



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Hello Natko,

my apologies for the late reply, I was on vacation recently.

You are correct in your assessment that the WTAuthorizationRequestManager.RestrictedAppleiOSSDKAPIAuthorizationsForRequiredFeatures function did not operate correctly. That was because the input flags were mapped to incorrect values; the function itself worked perfectly fine, actually.

I implemented a fix which will be released with the next minor version of the SDK.

For now, as a temporary workaround, you can forego using the flags and use hard-coded values instead. The same applies to the LoadArchitectWorldFromURL function.

The correct values are:

WTFeature_ImageTracking 1

WTFeature_InstantTracking 4

WTFeature_ObjectTracking 8

Geo 64

You therefore would, for example, supply 


1 | 64


which is 65, for image tracking and geo.

- Daniel

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