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phantom png file

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to update this model into the 3D encoder and I am getting the following error.

I'm getting the following two errors 

Non-power-of-two nodes: The texture width or height is not a power of two. This can harm the renderin performance: 'tex/2ba00006.png'

Modified texture wrapping node: The texture wrapping mode of the FBX texture was changed CLAMP since the width or height of the thexture are not a power of two: 'tex/2ba00006.png'

However this file tex/2ba00006.png' does not exist and I am not trying to upload it. Does anyone have any ideas?

(3.33 MB)
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Good morning Peter,

importing the FBX file you sent in Blender shows texture paths to be absolute and pointing somewhere into your user directory:


This particular texture has a width of 262 pixels and height of 899 pixels set, which is why the 3D encoder complains about it no being power of 2 sized.

The content of this texture seems to be the same as "CSM braun.jpg".

The other textures have similar paths and are named likewise. My recommendation, for now, would be to check the paths you are setting for the textures in your modelling program.

- Daniel

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