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Black Oval

We are using Wikitude version 6 and randomly upon recognizing an object and displaying a 3D model we get a black oval on the screen over the top of the 3D model.  We've attached a screenshot of what we are using.  Once you get the black oval it will continue to display for objects recognized until you close Wikitude and go back into Wikitude.  It doesn't require closing the app entirely, just Wikitude.  Any ideas on what needs to be done to solve the problem?

We are actually not seeing the same type of issue on version 7.  However, our recognition is significantly worse on version 7 than it is on version 6.  So much worse that version 7 isn't usable for us.  Any ideas what the difference could be between version 6 and version 7 with the recognition?  Is there any way to get version 7 to recognize as well as version 6?  

Black Oval.JPG
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Good morning Heather,

the 'black oval' is a problem we lovingly call the 'disco egg' problem, sometimes 'disco bowtie', in the development team. It occurs when OpenGL objects have been mishandled in some way (not re-created when context switching, rendering non-initialised buffers, etc.). We have fixed a couple of these recently, but it seems SDK7 is working for your use-case already anyway. I don't think there is anything you can do to fix this issue on your side, at least not reliably. This requires fixing within the SDK.

May I ask what kind of tracking you are doing, exactly? I would not expect the tracking of the SDK6 to be superior to the tracking of the SDK7, quite the opposite actually.

- Daniel

Hello Heather,

Our technical team will get back to you regarding the issue you are facing with the black oval. As for the second issue, if you are trying to recognize an object using images instead of the real object will always result in unpredictable performance. In fact, Object Recognition functionality, where you can scan the real object, was introduced in Wikitude SDK 7. Did the feedback provided by Andreas Fötschl in the support ticket you created was not helpful?



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