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Geolocation not working and breaking code

I trying to create an AR circle at specific Geolocation, given the user location, but the coding for creating the GeoLocation seems to not be working and then breaking the code. 

I think its breaking my code because the two lines after the GeoLocation line are no longer displaying, but if i put them before that line then they will work and display. I have made sure the GeoLocation specified is actually close by, so it should work, i have both included an altitude and not included one, i have tried explicitly casting the parameters to floats but nothing seems to be working. 

Unsure of what is causing this error, and asking for any help with this, thank you.

function RouteMarker(routeLoc) {

// create the AR.GeoLocation from the poi data
var rMarkerLocation = new AR.GeoLocation(routeLoc.latitude, routeLoc.longitude);
var rCircle = new AR.Circle(30, {
offsetX : 1,
onClick : function() {
circle.radius *= 2;
opacity : 0.9

Note that indicator and radar-drawables were added
this.markerObject = new AR.GeoObject(rMarkerLocation, {
drawables: {
cam: [rCircle],

return this;
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