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How to fix the object position with respect to the image tracker


I'm using wikitude image tracker for a project. Once the image tracker is detected, some prefab objects will be shown on the screen in the right place, surrounding the image tracker. 

Now I meet two problems:

1. One of the prefab objects is the ground and the image tracker is supposed to be embedded in the middle of the ground. However, although it seems right in the position from the unity Scene, in practice the ground is placed either totally in front of the tracker or just tilted. I think it is still the problem with position definition, however, I don't know other more precise (if there is any) method to adjust the position in addition to adjusting it in Inspector->Transform. Do you have any idea?

2. When I move the smart phone screen a little bit, the augmented digital contents (prefab objects) also move along with the screen, but I hope they keep the relative position with respect to the image tracker. How should I do this?

I'm very new to wikitude and unity so my questions may sound a little bit stupid...Thanks in advance for any help!



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Hello Jing,

Regarding your first question, maybe this documentation section (look under Define custom augmentations) could provide you with some further information on how to position the augmentations in relation to the tracker.

As for your second question, could you please provide with some further details on your issue:
  • Which version of the Unity SDK are you using?
  • Could you send a video so we can check how we can reproduce this issue?




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